Jimmy Browns is not just about creating stylish sleepwear for men and women, it is also about living a great healthy and happy life.  Let’s face it we cannot live forever so let’s make the most of it…

A great start to a day is to wake up feeling good and looking good and what better way than to wake up in your Jimmy Browns pyjamas after getting a great comfy sleep.  We pride ourselves on relaxed fitting sleepwear and gorgeous cottons to make sure at least we play our part in helping you achieve a good night’s sleep.  If you go to bed still looking good then you will have a better chance of waking up feeling great.  Get rid of the daggy pjs and get in to some JBs…


Can’t sleep try these simple strategies

  • Alcohol consumption can induce sleep disorders by disrupting the sequence and duration of sleep states. It can also alter total sleep time as well as the time required to fall asleep. Avoid caffeine and a heavy meal before bedtime too.
  • Light exercise early in the evening will help make sleep deeper and a nightly routine can signal to the body that you are preparing for sleep.
  • Establish a routine. Have a warm bath before bedtime but definitely don’t think, plan and worry.
  • Body temperature and the brain’s sleep-wake cycle are closely linked. Keep your bedroom cool – more than 18 degrees but less than 30 degrees.
  • Make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark. Try using earplugs and an eye mask.
  • Tend to your emotional health before bedtime. Try writing in a journal or discussing your worries with someone close.

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